Established in 1998

Come Home To Yourself.

The greenest place in maui

Maui Eco Retreat in Hawaii

Romantic honeymoons, creative getaways, or simply on vacation in paradise: explore the endless beauty of Hawaii on Maui’s premier sustainable eco-retreat.

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An Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Vacation Destination on Maui

Maui Eco Retreat is built upon land known by the Ancient Hawaiians as the “resting place of mature souls.” Your exclusive, eco-conscious paradise away from big hotels, Maui Eco Retreat has been a leader of ecotourism since its founding in 1998. Here you will find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the modern world: reconnect with nature, find inner peace, awaken your eco-soul, and simply relax. Where your vacation becomes a transformation.

Sustainable Maui Travel and Ecotourism

Maui Eco Retreat’s multi-acre ʻĀina offers multiple unique lodging accommodations for your stay in Hawaii, including private rooms in our shared Opua house to standalone bamboo sanctuaries. Explore our temple-inspired rooms below.

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Sustainable. Elegant. Safe.

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All of our luxurious accommodations feature spectacular ocean views and are thoughtfully designed to emanate temple-like peace and tranquility. They are beautifully decorated with intricate, hand-crafted furniture and stunning artwork from around the world. No matter which jewel you choose, you will be immersed in an authentic aloha experience.

Ocean. Jungle. Volcano.

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Maui was voted the “Best Island on Earth” for 20 years. Explore pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls, majestic jungle forests, and dramatic lava rocks while immersing yourself in Maui’s rich cultural heritage. The awe-inspiring natural landscapes and aloha spirit speak to the adventurer and world-traveler within us all.

Realize. Realign. Reconnect.

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Tap into rich ancient traditions and reconnect with nature to reach your highest inner being. Nourish your body, spirit, and mind with Yoga, Shamanic Nights, Aquatic Lemurian workouts, and more. Discover your eco-soul and connect with the land by visiting our organic garden, fruit orchards, and agroforestry garden. Let the land embrace you, to heal, rejuvenate, and grow. 

Our Eco Resort Highlights

Trip Advisor Platinum Green

An honorably certified ecotourism location

Communal Food Forest

Pick native staples from our Agroforest

Hidden Sanctuary

A private nature experience among waterfalls

Unforgettable Views

Overlook nature’s abundance from a cliffside

Powered By Clean Energy

We are off-grid and powered by solar energy

Sustainable Well Water

Enjoy our delicious volcanic aquifer water

Spiritual Enlightenment

Retreat into the spirit of our sacred land

High-Speed Internet

Don’t miss a thing with fiber optic internet 

Kuleana for the ʻĀina

How to Visit Maui Responsibly

“Kuleana” is the Hawaiian value for personal responsibility. We have a responsibility to respect and care for the land. When we cultivate this relationship with the ʻĀina, the land nourishes us. 

“We’ve been living harmoniously with the A’ina for over three decades. Channeling deep respect for the A’ina, our entire land is built and designed to honor nature.” — Kutira

Maui Eco Retreat is a leader in ecotourism, promoting the intersection of conservation, community, and sustainable travel.

Our visitors are responsible travelers looking to explore the world through an eco-conscious lens.

With a cohesive approach, we can make the island a safer, more equitable, and more resilient place for all. You have already taken the first step by choosing the Maui Eco Retreat.

While you are here, we also encourage you to…

  • Stay on trails, respect the environment, and honor local culture when exploring the island
  • Choose reusable products, don’t litter, and pick up any trash that you see along your travels
  • Minimize your impact and leave each place better than you found it
  • Empower local people by shopping and eating locally
  • Provide direct financial benefits towards conservation efforts and support community farmers
  • Bring an aloha spirit into all interactions, big and small

Our Guests Speak

Maui Eco Retreat Reviews


Author & Spiritual Teacher

“When I arrived in Maui I was welcomed into a large bamboo house which had a porch overlooking the ocean. I was quite ill, and fully recuperated because of the healing energy of that house.”


Visionary Artist

I’ve spent my whole life painting what Kutira and Raphael have created with the earth.”

Building a new Maui

Responsible Tourism in Hawaii

Protecting Maui Through Sustainability

At Maui Eco Retreat, you will find the serenity you seek knowing you are safe in our care and aligned with the A'ina: the spirit of the land.