Romantic Refuge with Privacy and Panoramic Ocean View.

• 4-Poster Queen Bed for 2 guests
• Great Oceanview, Wrap-Around Deck
• Dyson Room Airflow System

• Outdoor Shower
• Private Kitchen
• Fiber Optic Internet 500GB

An experience that offers comfort and privacy with a sunrise view every morning, ocean views all day, and stars all night. The Bamboo Temple is a romantic refuge of what dreams are made of. Celebrate any special occasion or simply gift yourself a stay where you can heal, grow, enjoy life anew, and swim in our nearby waterfall. Maui Eco Retreat has been a leader in ecotourism since its founding in 1998, and we invite you to be a part of a long history of conscious travelers.

– Beautiful Panoramic Ocean View
– Pyramidal Skylight
– Bamboo 4-Poster Bed
– Walk-In Closet
– Private Outdoor Shower
Complementary Shampoo and Soap
– Complementary Parking
– Fiber-optic Internet Wifi at your convenience to turn off to experience the magnetic free environment
– Educational walks through our Agroforestry Food Forest, Regenerative Garden and Fruit Orchard
– Massage available by booking
– Yoga Classes (Monday – Friday) at 8:00am
– Enjoy Hikes to Ocean and Waterfall 


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Behold our Bamboo Temple, a marvel born of sacred geometry, mirroring the nautilus shell’s enchanting harmony and the beauty of nature’s design. The spiral path it weaves mirrors life’s journey, leading seekers to the very source.

Nestled amidst rolling hills, where the mighty ocean meets the land, this little gem exudes tranquility and seclusion. Gaze upon the breathtaking expanse of the Hana coastline as you savor your morning brew, or perhaps tea, in meditative calm. An ideal sanctuary for an extended sojourn, it fosters a serene work-from-home haven, with lightning-speed fiber-optic internet. Yet, for the discerning souls who yearn for an electromagnetic haven, the internet’s embrace can be gently withdrawn.

Within these picturesque walls, a queen-sized bed awaits, accompanied by a fully-equipped kitchen, walk-in closet, and a secluded outdoor shower, blessed with an ocean panorama. As the sun rises, be cradled in the bamboo poster bed, while the vibrant rainbows paint the sky with delight. By night, let the stars and the Milky Way’s dance enchant you through our prism-shaped skylight. Adorning the walls, hand-painted silk thankas and a sacred altar beckon contemplation.

Our verdant trails embrace you, allowing communion with the bountiful embrace of nature, offering freedom without bounds. A haven for artists and spiritual teachers alike, here, creativity flows in harmony with the universe. The very walls witnessed Alex Grey’s masterpiece, ‘Lovers,’ birthed in the tender embrace of our temple.

The Secret of the North Shore lies in the gentle caress of Trade Winds, gifting eternal comfort to our sacred space. Morning rains bless our gardens and purify the past, washing it away with each droplet. A stay in the Bamboo Temple shall etch an elegant and unforgettable memory of your Hawaiian sojourn, forever etched within your heart.

For seekers of yogic bliss, exclusive classes await you, devoted solely to our esteemed guests at the Maui Eco Retreat. Explore the wonders of the North Shore with the offerings found in our guest booklet, as you embark on your journey of discovery.

Love’s call may find you here, and for those seeking an intimate ceremony, our sacred land holds the space for elopement or micro-weddings. Kutira, a seasoned officiant, and her husband will weave a celebration that honors your spiritual beliefs, infusing the ceremony with the very essence of Hawaii’s spirit.

So, dear wanderer, what holds you back? Come, step into the poetic magic of our Bamboo Temple, and let Hawaii embrace your soul in eternal embrace.



    This stay was amazing and will highly recommend this to anyone! Beautiful place and an outstanding view! Pictures doesn’t do it justice! 

    October 2020

     If you are looking to go off the grid for a few days and still be close enough to civilization, this is the place. We had a wonderful time and found this space to be relaxing and private with outstanding views. There is plenty to explore on the property. Great place to check out from your busy life and reconnect with yourself or your partner.

    March 2020

    We had a great time at the bamboo temple! We spent the first half of our honeymoon here. It was nice being so remote with a beautiful view. William works at the property and he did a great job showing us all there was to do on the property! We did the ocean trail which was a great experience and enjoyed the music temple and visiting with the chickens. The break from cell service was a nice change (although the main house has extremely fast WiFi service when you need it). The outdoor shower was fantastic and you can’t beat the views! You are on the road to Hana and very close to Twin falls. We enjoyed the nearby town Paia and had some fabulous fish and chips and ice cream over there.

    March 2020

    The best place and experience we had in our first time in Maui. Excellent service and amazing people.

    February 2020

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    Protecting Maui Through Sustainability

    At Maui Eco Retreat, you will find the serenity you seek knowing you are safe in our care and aligned with the A'ina: the spirit of the land.



    Maui Permit #BBPH2009/0003

    Hawaii Permit #SUP2 2007/0005

    Hawaii Tax ID #TA-063-848-6528-01