*Please print before you go, or download to your phone (if you have that capability) as living off the beaten path means there is often the chance of experiencing sketchy internet along the way.

Maui Eco Retreat
610 Huelo Rd
Haiku, HI 96708

Driving time from Kahalui can run from 35-45 minutes.

Take Hwy 36 (Hana Highway) left/east (towards Hana/Haiku). Proceed through the town of Paia. There are green highway markers (which start with “0″ in Kahului). When you reach mile marker “16″ (Hwy 365 junction), the mile markers begin again with “0″. Continue on Hana Highway past the “3″ mile marker. At about 1/2 mile past the “3″ mile marker, you will see a 3.5 mile marker, immediately after on the left you will see a road with a little bus stop bench and a double row of mailboxes. This is Door of Faith Road. Turn left onto Door of Faith Road, continuing between the bus bench and the mailboxes. Our place is only 1 mile away.

Stay on the paved road as you pass a sign called “Door of Faith Church”, keep driving. Shortly after that, the road turns right until you see the paved road turn sharply to the left (at about 1/2 mile). The paved road turns left here, but you will continue to go STRAIGHT ahead onto the dirt road. Shortly after you have entered the dirt road it veers slightly to the right going down hill to a small concrete bridge. Right after a small concrete bridge with no railings, you will see an entrance with a bamboo gate on the left. There we have placed an arrow looking sign “Bamboo Farm” pointing up the hill. When you drive up the hill that turns to the left, you will come to a fork with the the second “Bamboo Farm” sign and a larger sign underneath with: Mali’o Maui Eco Retreat pointing left further up the hill. There is also a large surf board with a red stripe here, make sure to follow the road to the left only. Do not go straight up this driveway, this is a private driveway only on the right and leads to a private residence.

Follow the road to the left until you see a sign on your left that says, “Kahua O’Malio Bamboo Farm – By Appointment Only”. On the right you will see a bamboo gazebo with a white statue of Saraswati, the Goddess of music. Take the driveway on the right immediately after the Kahua O’Malio sign and in front of Saraswati, into the parking area with the “Parking – 610″ sign. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PASS TWO “BAMBOO FARM” SIGNS/ARROWS!

If you need to reach us at other times, please call (808) 280-4524 first and if no answer call (808) 280-6601.

Protecting Maui Through Sustainability

At Maui Eco Retreat, you will find the serenity you seek knowing you are safe in our care and aligned with the A'ina: the spirit of the land.


County of Maui

Maui Permit #BBPH2009/0003

Hawaii Permit #SUP2 2007/0005

Hawaii Tax ID #TA-063-848-6528-01

State of Hawaii

(808) 572-6006

A Kahua Collaboration 2021