Tap into rich ancient traditions and reconnect with nature to reach your highest inner being. Nourish your body, spirit, and mind with Yoga, Shamanic Nights, Aquatic Lemurian workouts, and more. Discover your eco-soul and connect with the land by visiting our organic garden, fruit orchards, and agroforestry garden. Let the land embrace you, to heal, rejuvenate, and grow.

It takes 21 days to change your mindset. Gift yourself the time and space to come home to yourself and celebrate the new you.





Enjoy our exclusive offerings and connect with your true self. We offer daily yoga classes, weekly Shamanic nights, and private sessions including aquatic lemurian workouts, spa offerings, and embodied spirituality sessions. 

We continually update our seasonal offerings as we have different teachers presenting on the property. You can find our current list of offerings on the blackboard in the Opua House or on a list in your room.

Psychic Readings Set to Music

Session with Raphael, $150

If you were a piece of music, this is how you would sound.

For the last 45 years, Raphael has done thousands of musical readings, including many for notable healers and scientists. Some people are a Beethoven symphony, or a country western, or a James Brown dance, or Balinese Gamelan music, and the list goes on and on. 

Each soul is a unique frequency. Raphael simply empties himself, goes deep into your heart, and asks, “If this soul was a flower, what would it look like?” Then, “if this soul was an animal what would it be?” Once he’s warned up, he then asks, “If this soul was a piece of music, how would it sound?” Then he plays your unique soul song, which is recorded and given to you in MP3 format.

“He got me!” – Gabriel Roth

“How did you know that was my favorite song?!” – Dr. Milton Traeger


Shamanic Nights With Raphael

Drop-in for $25

Where ancient traditions meet cutting edge science.

Once a week, like a drum beat on our land, we invite our volunteers, students and guests for a magical evening to explore newer, deeper realms of mature love, vitality and clarity.

Depending on the group, this may include Taoist healing, intuitive readings, qi gong, chanting, drumming Buddhist meditations, and improvisations. Some of our volunteers have suggested that we call this “Miracle Night”, because miracles tend to happen magically and effortlessly.

The way something is taught is as important as what is taught. These evenings are a lot of fun as well. Every Shamanic Night is an entirely new experience. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Please read Raphael’s bio for more information about him.

“A game changer for everyone who is open to new perspectives. At the Maui Eco Retreat, you will have the opportunity to receive teachings from a truly awakened master during Raphael’s Shamanic Nights.” — Sally Wan

“I accomplished more in one hour than I’ve accomplished in several hundred hours of other therapies, workshops and sessions.” — Wyman Sander, M.D. UCAL School of Medicine

Meet Kutira

Session with Kutira, $150

Retreat design, sustainability and business coaching, Embodied Spirituality women’s empowerment sessions, and tarot card readings are only some of the offerings by Kutira. Gift yourself a unique Aquatic Lemurian Workout to honor your body, spirit, and mind. Expand, dive deep within yourself, and soar high.

Kutira’s sessions are truly unique and powerful. She often uses the magic of rituals and visualizations to manifest your hearts desires. Read Kutira’s bio for more information about her. Please book your session ahead of time.

“Kutira, you have changed my life. Thank you.” – Meredith Howell

One-on-One Offerings: With Private Appointment

Inquire on site for specific rates

Booking ahead of your arrival is suggested. We have many rotating teachers showcasing on the property. Please inquire about the gifts we currently are offering. 

Agroforestry classes are mostly Friday morning from 10 – noon on a donation basis.

Request a list of licensed massage therpists and book before your visit.

Farm to table experiences with Chef Gabriel and Andrea can be booked directly through the A&G catering service.


Organic Gardens

Welcome to our “A’ina Momona.” “A’ina” means land in Hawaiian and “Momona” means abundant. As you enter our gardens, listen to the sacred land itself, as there is wisdom in each step you take. This wisdom lives in the trees, soil, plants, and many insects that inhabited this land long before humans arrived to build here. 

Our land is a wonderful place to wander and explore—you can take a short walk past our organic garden, agroforestry gardens, chickens, bees, countless species of flowers and plants, and enter our temples, where you can rest, relax and meditate. Dance or celebrate with a song for the plants. In our organic vegetable garden, you can enjoy fresh herbs and delicious greens for healthy living. We are happy to provide you with some food for purchase from our garden upon request.

Permaculture integrates people into nature’s design. It supports the vision that all people can live in regenerative, mutually enhancing relations with the Earth, and it is upon this principle that our retreat was created. You can apply permaculture techniques to farming, energy and water systems, green building, and healthy communities. We have permaculture classes every Friday in our agroforest, with students attending from various local farms on Maui. 

In our innovative agroforestry garden, you can enjoy a bounty of native Hawaiian staples, such as kalo (taro), bele (Tongan spinach), and papaya. As you stroll across our land, keep an eye out for jewels in our orchards, which offer tropical fruits such as strawberry guava, guava, papaya, lilikoi (passionfruit), banana, avocado, longan, breadfruit, pineapple, coconut, and more. If you would like a tour of our garden and agroforest, we are happy to do so upon request.



PersonalFinding a place of retreat is an act of courage. It requires you to deny all of the things that society has told you to do and want and need, and find a quiet space where it disappears. It is not running away; it is preserving your life, giving you time to rejuvenate and restore your connection to the earth. Instead of tuning into your television or your computer, tune into the sound of the ocean waves and the smell of the land. The rain will cleanse you of stress and doubt, and the wind will blow away what you are ready to let go.

“Kahua,” part of the name of this land, means “to empower the wisdom from within.” This is the heart of a retreat: to withdraw to a place where you can make a conscious choice to take a breath and be in touch with your innate wisdom and knowledge. In retreat, you can listen to the truth of your heart, and in this sacred space let go of your boundaries to take the next steps in your life.  


Protecting Maui Through Sustainability

At Maui Eco Retreat, you will find the serenity you seek knowing you are safe in our care and aligned with the A'ina: the spirit of the land.


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