Waiver for Hiking Trails and Liability Release

In staying as a guest at Maui Eco Retreat, I am agreeing to release all employees, property owners, residents, contractors, facilitators and staff, neighbors and leaseholders from any liability of any nature, including but not limited to loss or damage to personal property or personal injury or death. In doing so, I accept full responsibility for myself, my guests or any other persons using the property at my invitation. I have voluntarily and knowingly decided to use the natural pools and hiking trails at Maui Eco Retreat after reading and understanding this release.

Please give special attention if you go to the waterfall and when you pass the bridge. No swimming in the pool when there it is raining. Also, donʼt enter the pool shortly after a big rain. Always look if there are any clouds on the mountain above Makawao. If you are not sure if it is safe just stay above the pool and donʼt swim. Donʼt drive over the bridge if there is water flowing. This happens only about once or twice in a year, and flash flood warnings will be on your iPhone as well.

I waive the possibility of blaming any resulting personal injury or other damage on Maui Eco Retreat, and I release and indemnify them from any and all judgments, claims, costs, liability, and expenses, including medical bills arising out of or in any way connected with my use of Maui Eco Retreat natural pools or hiking trails adjacent to Maui Eco Retreat Property. I acknowledge the risks of injury or drowning associated with natural pools, the ocean or hiking trails, and if nonetheless elect to use the natural pools and hiking rails, I take full responsibility for that decision and any injury, which may result. I accept and assume all risks associated with the use of natural pools, bathtubs, and hiking trails. I forfeit any claim for compensation, which I might otherwise have for any injuries occurring in connection with my use of the Maui Eco Retreat and its natural pools and hiking trails.


Please note: A link to this waiver is sent in guests’ initial booking email. Confirmation of email receipt in the form of reply is expected within 48 hours, and also confirms that guests have read and accepted the above conditions.


County of Maui

Maui Permit #BBPH2009/0003

Hawaii Permit #SUP2 2007/0005

Hawaii Tax ID #TA-063-848-6528-01

State of Hawaii

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