Important Local Tips from
Maui Eco Resort

Aloha! Your trip is almost here. Read our most important visitor tips below for advice on car rentals, grocery shopping, and activities.

Rental Car Information

Our secluded retreat is off the beaten path, and we highly recommend renting a vehicle.

Uber service will bring you to our retreat but is not always the most reliable with pick-ups. There are taxi services, but using a taxi for the entirety of your trip is often more expensive than a car rental booking.

If you would prefer to stay at the retreat without renting a car:
Our resort does feature one fully-insured Subaru Crosstrek available for rental while you are staying with us. Just email us and we will provide you with more information, rates, and pictures.
Choose a one-week rental for the best price.

Book your car in advance!
Rental car prices are currently fluctuating between very high to decent. Take your time and research for a good deal. The daily price you see always has taxes that are
not included in the advertisement. Also, check out the end price with a basic damage and liability

Renting a car at the airport on arrival date is not recommended. The price will be much higher; reserving the car ahead of time is more economical. This is especially true during the Holiday and Winter season, the car rental prices go up due to limited inventory. Always compare prices.

Food and Groceries

We recommend stopping at the grocery store on your way to our resort.

  • Naturally Alkaline Artesian Water, The finest water in the world from Hawai’i with love
  • Coconuts and some tropical fruits (also available for purchase when in season and with pre-order only). Our trees are high and we need insured coconut climbers to get them down.
  • Green basket and herbs: Check in with our garden keepers what kind of greens we have available. Your donation is greatly accepted to keep our garden thriving.


  • Health food stores and food options close to the airport:

   Down To Earth Marketplace (Kahului)

   Whole Foods Market (Kahului)

   Alive and Well offers a wide variety of natural health food choices, including organic produce, raw food selections, dietary supplements and so much more!! Check out the owners Mona and Dennis Jones’ Radio Show for great expert nutrition advice!


  • Some excellent health food stores and delis in the area:

   Mana Foods (Paia town)

   Haiku Marketplace (Haiku town)

   Kuau Store (Delicatessen)


We collaborate with a local Farm to Table private chef duo called AG Cuisine. Enjoy fine dining right here at Maui Eco Retreat. Check out their sample menu for more information.


There are many options available for all culinary tastes, but here are some suggestions for you.


  • Delicious lunch/dining options nearby

   Jaws (On the way to Haiku)

   Toohey’s Butchery & Bistro, (Haiku Town)

   Nuka Sushi (Haiku Town)

   Colleens (Haiku town)

   Flatbread Pizza Company (Pa’ia town)

   Pa’ia Fish Market (Pa’ia town)

   Mamas Fish House near Ho’okipa Beach, especially recommended for anniversary,

weddings etc. (on the pricey side, but memorable) You need to make a reservation at least 3     months ahead or call in for a cancellation opening.


   And some very good food trucks in Haiku town of Indian, Greek, Mexican etc. only 15 min from our place!

Healing and Rejuvinating

We are happy to provide many offerings at our retreat for your convenience, such as:
• Daily yoga (Monday–Friday)
• Qigong
• Meditation
• Shamanic night teachings once a week
• And many private healing and self-development sessions


More information can be found in your room’s Guestbook upon arrival.

  • If you would like to pre-arrange a massage, please contact massage practitioner Amy directly
    for pricing and scheduling. Amy has for 18+ years with many healers, including Kumu Aunty
    Margaret. 18 years of massage with private practice, MT, CHT.
    Singing Bodywork and Lomi Massage Therapy
    Text: 808 283 7554


    • Specializing in Rolfing Integration Therapy, and with over 30 years of experience, Dean Altier
    is Dharma Practitioner and also teaches Tibetan Yoga.
    Phone: (808) 868-8309

  • If you would like to book a private session with Kutira and Raphael, you are welcome to inquire upon arrival. Raphael’s private sessions are also found on:



    • There is the wonderful Temple of Peace, located just 15-20 minutes away, where they offer day spas, cleansing programs and colonics treatments. On Sunday, from 10:30 to noon there is a non-denominational service, focused on music, art, and universal spiritual sharing. Here you can find the local community of Maui from all walks of life, healer musicians, dancers, farmers and you may enjoy this gathering. We do have one more church on the road, more traditional, that you are also welcome to check out.
    • For Injury, illness or Wellness, MobileDoctor makes house calls – Dr. Rez, 888-MODO-MD1 or


Other Activities in Maui

  •    Here are some ideas water fun and adventures

    • For the very early risers, you can enjoy beautiful sunrises at the Haleakala Crater   & National Park (sunsets are magical too). Be sure to reserve a ticket Here as early as you can.
    • We are on the way to the famous Road to Hana a breathtaking scenic drive, featuring magnificent waterfalls (such as Kipahulu and the famous Seven Sacred

       Pools). Please note that beginning March 2021, Waianapanapa State Park now takes reservations for all non-residents and an entry fee of $10. Click Here to book a reservation.

    • Our retreat is also a few minutes-drive away from the world renowned monster wave surfer break called Jaws and for the adventurers, we are located just 2 miles from Zipline Adventures.
    • Book an unforgettable hiking adventure with our local Jungle John. He knows the hidden paths to secret places and can entertain you with many “talk stories” of the magical islands. Write to: There are half day or full day hikes.
    • Want to get married on Maui or renew your vows? Call Kutira at 808 280 3960 and we can arrange that for you. We are specialized in micro weddings. 
  • NEW: Agroforestry Beach Package available for rental for beach lovers leaving no footprint in the sand!

    Would you be interested in supporting our agroforestry/food forest education? We have a new initiative to expand our agroforestry program.

    Do you know that Maui still imports 90% of our food from other places? With more tourists and inflation, the food prices are skyrocketing. In case of an emergency, Maui only has less than a week’s food supply. Food security is an urgent issue for the local residents. 

    With a donation of $75 or more, we’d like to offer you one-day beach packet as a thank you! The funds will be used to create programs to educate our students about gardening, harvesting, food security and regenerative living. Check out our flyer.