Nestled amidst the boundless sea, our luxurious accommodations beckon with stunning ocean views and a tranquil ambiance reminiscent of sacred temples. Adorned with intricate, hand-crafted furniture and captivating artwork from around the globe, each jewel-like space promises an authentic aloha experience, where serenity and beauty unite in perfect harmony.

Our Gifts To You

Stay Connected

As remote-work options are becoming more common, we welcome you to work from paradise here in Maui. We offer state-of-the-art, high-speed fiber-optic internet access in all of our accommodations. For those who prefer an electromagnetic-free environment, access can be turned off and you can rest peacefully. 


The new luxury is space; we are blessed to be immersed in nature. We are located in the majestic and lush Valley of the White Owl on the North Shore. Our secluded location creates a magical refuge that is centrally located, while also offering easy access to Haiku, Paia, Hana, and Haleakala. Here, you can experience authentic Hawaii, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and land. If you find us, you will stay with us in our hidden Shangri-la. 

Powered By Clean Energy

Since 1985, our entire land has been developed sustainably and ecologically. We are off the grid and powered by the sun. Your body rests deeply and recharges in an environment free from electromagnetic waves. Feel rejuvenated as your dreams become more vivid, and meditations reach new depths. 

Trip Advisor Platinum Green

The Maui Eco Retreat was among the first places to be bestowed with the honor of Tripadvisor Platinum Green Leader, representing the highest commitment to sustainable living and eco-tourism. Our Aina—the Spirit of the land—welcomes you to learn about being a socially responsible traveler. 

Nature Downloads

Your experiences watching the sunrise over the ocean, smelling fresh air after it rains, and listening to the birdsongs will imprint in your DNA. Nature downloads are abundant and free, as long as you tune your reception station and are ready to receive. Become attuned to the interconnectedness of all beings. 

Communal Food Forest

Our innovative agroforestry garden revitalizes the soil and provides us with an abundance of native staple foods. Biologically sustainable and diverse, it contributes to our island’s mission for food security. In addition to the bounty from the agroforestry garden, you can also enjoy fresh, organic food that we grow in our vegetable garden and fruit orchards around the property. Boost your immune system to keep COVID-19 at bay with healthy, organic greens!

Volcanic Aquifer Well Water

Our water is rainwater that comes from the slopes of the Haleakala, filtered through underground porous rock for about 25 years to naturally enhance it with life-giving minerals. Our 450-foot well then pumps our delicious, pure, and alkaline water from the volcanic aquifer for you to enjoy. 

Hidden Sanctuary

The spirit of our land and the energy of our community create a healing sanctuary and restorative retreat experience. Here, you can connect with your Eco-Soul and benefit from the teachings of nature, our local community, and offerings, such as yoga, meditation, and other classes. Come home to yourself. 

Opua Main House

Opua Main House

Indian Room

Dolphin Room

Thai Hale

A soul-stirring refuge where you can disconnect from a busy world. Allow Nature to cradle you in her arms while you experience a spectacular sunrise on the North Shore. Our Thai Hale (ha-lay, “house” in Hawaiian) invites you to reconnect with your true self. This unique building is made entirely with the lumber of the future: bamboo.

– Gorgeous Ocean View
– Private Kitchen
– Beautiful Upstairs Meditation Loft
– Dyson Room Cooling System
– Large Private Wrap Around Deck
– Private Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom
– Outdoor Shower
– Fiber-optic Internet

Bamboo Temple

The perfect honeymoon cottage, Bamboo Temple offers comfort and privacy. Wake to sunrise views over the breathtaking ocean and go to sleep to a panorama of stars in the night sky. This cottage is a romantic and breathtaking refuge of what dreams are made. Celebrate any special occasion or simply gift yourself a stay where you can heal, grow and enjoy life anew.

– Beautiful Panoramic Ocean View
– Private Kitchen
– Bamboo 4-Poster Bed
– Pyramidal Skylight
– Dyson Room Cooling System
– Outdoor Shower
– Walk-In Closet
– Fiber-optic Internet

Intimate Weddings

Celebrate your love in paradise!

Maui is a special place for lovers, and whether you’re celebrating a new marriage union or renewing your vows, this tropical setting will add awe-inspiring beauty to your love ceremony. When embarking on this new journey of sacred union, the wedding celebrant will play an integral role in officiating. Kutira has been uniting lovers in marriage for many years and has a unique gift for capturing the magic of special moments. She specializes in simple and intimate weddings, marriage vow renewals, life commitment ceremonies, and island-themed blessings for all of those special occasions in life.


Maui is the perfect setting for your wedding, and we are honored to offer this special service to our guests. Having lived on this beautiful island since 1985, we feel that our ʻĀina has a magical, sacred energy. We offer ceremonies on our land, where you can choose to be united under our mighty bamboo grove, next to our tranquil waterfall lagoon, in our elegant upstairs music studio with panoramic ocean views, in our abundant gardens, or on our great lawn overlooking the ocean. Here, you can feel your feet on the ground and experience the spirit of the land with Nature as your witness.


Kutira is an ordained, licensed, independent minister specializing in Hawaiian ceremonies, which are available in both Christian and non-denominational scripts. Since the beginning of her ministry in 1995, she has performed numerous touching and delightful ceremonies for couples from all walks of life and from all over the world. As an experienced, heart-centered spiritual coach, she will elevate your needs and assist you in creating this memorable event.


Raphael is a world-renowned pioneer of new-age music and has performed at hundreds of weddings. He is a recording artist with many releases, including “Music to Disappear In,” which features deep spiritual meditation music, with over 500,000 sold. Not only is he a phenomenal musician, he also intuitively downloads original music by creating one-of-a-kind compositions that add other-worldly magic to your special occasion. If you want to sample some of his music, please visit Kahua Records.


Our wedding package includes: a licensed local minister, a spectacular wedding setting at Maui Eco Retreat, Hawaiian wedding certificates, information for appointments for a marriage license, music by an internationally renowned musician, Zoom calls for coordination support, and resources on photos, videos, flowers, make-up, hair, and documents for international weddings. Details can be arranged directly with Kutira when booking your stay with us. We can also introduce you to local, neighborhood artists, who create beautiful, handcrafted Hawaiian gourds and flower leis.


Our Bamboo Temple and Thai Hale Cottage are the perfect accommodations for your honeymoon. Both cottages are incredibly intimate, romantic, and serene, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and land. They are nestled away from the main guest house, providing you peace and privacy. Special touches like candles, rose petals, swan towels, and luxurious linens adorn the cottages, creating the most romantic ambiance.

Past Weddings

Protecting Maui Through Sustainability

At Maui Eco Retreat, you will find the serenity you seek knowing you are safe in our care and aligned with the A'ina: the spirit of the land.


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